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automatic LMS is an English-language open-source learning management system implemented in Java and conforming to SCORM 1.2 (but not certified as such).
a-LMS  is implemented by Rubecula Software, LLC under contract to Telecommunications Research Associates (TRA).
a-LMS forms an integral part of automatic e-Learning by TRA.
a-LMS is hosted by SourceForge and is distributed under the Gnu Public License (GPL).

a-LMS version 2 is built on the following open-source platforms:
Copyright © 2004 Rubecula Software, LLC, All rights reserved. -E-mail:lms@rubecula.com
Copyright © 2004 TRA® LLC, All rights reserved. -E-mail:store-manager@tra.com Phone:1-800-872-4736 / 1-785-437-2000 -Fax:1-800-715-4736 / 1-785-437-2600

Current Release

The current release is a-LMS 2.0 (First Open-source release). Please see the project page for contact details.

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